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Your software can be created fast without losing database and interface portability. Our solutions is real three layer development environment wrote from scratch specially to make programmers live easier.

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Client-Server architecture has recently supplanted ordinary software. It is related with better protection of the intellectual property of the software, ease software update and the lack of problems related to the client's computer.

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Binary code

A binary code makes software even more protected agains reverse engerining but most important is that software runs faster. Faster because doesn't need to be interprated , doesn't need to be obfuscatored, uglyfied, no Dead Code Insertion etc.

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Interface separation

Interface separation helps with using code in many enviroments, many systems, many situations without having to rewrite it. This is redusing cost of software and making it more flexible and universal.

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Database separation

Database separation gives you the opportunity to change the database engine after software implementation. This allows you to improve the flexibility of the software, allows you to reach more systems without additional costs.

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