Below list of variable types with short description. All of them are pretty similiar to any other languages


  • string - Type string is buffer of characters ended by NULL (charcode: 0), buffer size doesn't have limitation.
  • int - It is 64 bit signed integer, so maximum value is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
  • float - Floating point variable, it has double precistion.
  • decimal - Packed decimal variable.
  • logical - It is 64 bit integer which can store 0 or 1 value
  • void - Special void variable used in function returning. Or we can say non-returning
  • ptr - Raw pointer - special do internal structures
  • xml - Special xml variable which store tree of xml tags, values.
  • frame - Special frame variable stores pointers to another variables, it is used for showing data on screen.


To convert variariables you can use embeded functions which names are the same as variables. Below few examples.

string s;
int i;
decimal d;
logical l;
xml x;

s = "aaa";
x = xml(s);     // convert string to xml
s = string(1);  // convert integer 1 to string
i = int("11");  // convert string "11" to integer 11
l = logical(i); // convert ingeter to logical, this will be true
d = decimal(i); // convert integer to decimal
s = string(d);  // convert decimal to string
s = string(x);  // convert xml to string